Darbar Hall is a versatile all-day dining area that combines elegance with functionality. Spanning 1,500 sq. feet, this spacious hall offers a sophisticated setting for various events, from formal dinners to corporate gatherings. With a capacity to accommodate up to 120 guests, Darbar Hall provides a comfortable and stylish ambiance for any occasion. Experience the blend of culinary excellence and regal atmosphere at Darbar Hall for an unforgettable dining or event experience at Chomu Palace.

Sheesh Mahal is a captivating venue known for its intricate mirror work and royal ambiance. Spanning 1,500 sq. feet, this exquisite hall offers a unique setting for intimate gatherings and events. With a capacity to accommodate up to 80 guests, Sheesh Mahal is perfect for small parties, private dinners, and exclusive events. Revel in the mesmerizing beauty and historical charm of Sheesh Mahal for an unforgettable experience at Chomu Palace.

Chhattis Dari at Chomu Palace, Jaipur, is a grand hall featuring 36 intricately carved pillars. It exemplifies Rajputana architecture, blending elegance with history. The space is used for royal gatherings and events, showcasing traditional Rajasthani decor and craftsmanship, making it a centerpiece of the palace's heritage and charm.

The banquet hall of Chomu Palace in Jaipur exudes regal elegance, adorned with intricate frescoes and traditional Rajasthani d├ęcor. The hall's high ceilings and grand chandeliers create an opulent ambiance, while the richly carved wooden furniture and luxurious drapes add to the royal charm. Large windows allow natural light to illuminate the space, highlighting its detailed architecture and ornate mirrors. The hall's spacious layout accommodates numerous guests, making it ideal for lavish events and weddings. Overall, it offers a perfect blend of historical grandeur.

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